Four Peaks Trail, 24 km

Course description

The start/finish location is situated in the center of Velinovo village. The course starts on the asphalt road in direction of Glogovitsa village. After about 1 km the trail leaves the road and continues to the right on a dirt road through loose forest and meadows. After about 2 km the trail passes by the Saint Elias chapel (Sveti Iliya paraklis). One-kilometer steep ascent to the highest peak of Ezdimirska Mountains – Golemi Vrah (1219 m) begins from there. The trail coincides with the tourist trail (blue marking) to the top. Once on the top, the trail follows a steep rocky descent along its southeastern rib to the valley of the river Pravka. There is a small river crossing that exits on an asphalt road (about 6.5 km from the start). This is where the “Pravka” aid station is located. A steep climb to the top of Gruynitsa peak (1243 m) in Paramunska Mountains follows. This section gains a little over 400 m of elevation only for about 1.3 km. From the top of Gruynitsa peak, the trail goes over the ridge of the mountain. The trail, after a series of smooth descents and ascents, reaches the important “Paramun” junction (1.6 km from Gruynitsa). The “Paramun” junction is located about 9.5 km from the start.

From the “Paramun” junction continue along the ridge and after about 1 km climb the highest peak of Paramunska Mountains – Strazha (1389 m). From there a steep and rocky descent to the Lyalintsi village begins. This section of the trail coincides with the tourist trail (red markings). The distance from Strazha peak to the Lyalintsi village is about 2.7 km, and the loss of elevation is about 480 m. The “Lyalintsi” aid station is situated in this village. Next is a steep climb to the top of Lyubash peak (1399 m) – the highest peak of the mountain with the same name. The trail coincides with the tourist trail (red markings) from the Lyalintsi village to the top of the mountain. This section gains almost 500 m elevation in about 2 km. From Lyubash peak a steep and in some places wild descent (mostly through the forest) to the west follows. The trail goes on a dirt road in a field (1 km from the peak). Take this road and go right (north). The important “Polyana” junction is located after about 2.5 km. From there the trail continues in a north-northwest direction. About 2.1 km after the “Polyana” junction the trail makes a left turn (west), where it joins a tourist trail (yellow marking). Follow the dirt road in a westerly direction as after about 1.1 km it will end on an asphalt road. Then turn right (north) and in about 1 km you will reach the start / final location in the center of Velinovo village.

Technical Info

Lenght 24 km
Elevation gain and loss +1650 m , -1650 m
Altitude at start/finish location 840 m a.s.l.
Lowest point 820 m a.s.l.
Highest point 1399 m a.s.l.
Aid stations – 2. Stocked with basic food and water! “Pravka” – at 6.5 km from start.
“Lyalintsi” – at 6.6 km from “Pravka” and 10.9 km to final.
Time limit 8:30 hours
Race start 11.05.2024 / 09:30 AM




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