Vertical Ruy

Welcome to the first edition of Vertical Ruy!

The Tran Tourist Association invites all mountaineers and mountain runners to take part in the first ever speed ascent of Mount Ruy. Challenge yourself and embark on a unique adventure!

The Mount Ruy speed ascent competition will take place near the town of Tran. Vertical Ruy starts from the village of Zelenigrad and finishes on Mount Ruy.

Mount Ruy is 1706 m high and is the summit of the mountain of the same name, which is part of the Kraishte region – one of the most picturesque and clean areas in Bulgaria. It dominates over Znepole and is a kind of magnet for mountaineers. It is also located on the border of Bulgaria and Serbia. The most direct and steep route to Ruy is from the village of. Zelenigrad and this is exactly the option that the Tran Tourist Association chose for the premiere of the Vertical Ruy competition.


When and where?

On 19.10.2024, Saturday. Start from the centre of the village of Zelenigrad at 10:30 am.

Description of Vertical Ruy

The Vertical Ruy course will be marked with a special mark for the competition. It starts from the centre of the village of Zelenigrad. The route heads north along the asphalt road through the village. The first stretch is very suitable for taking the lead and breaking away from the pack. After about 300 m the track separates from the road, passes the cemetery church, leaves the village and along a narrow stony path begins to gain height at the foot of a rock complex. After coming to a distinct pass, the path heads to the sharp peak of Shili Kamik but does not climb it; stay on the right side of Shili Kamik and afterwards reach a viewpoint. Up to here the elevation gain is 200 m. A short descent leads to a pine forest through which one continues upwards crossing several logging roads. A second panoramic point is reached, from which the steepest part begins. In a short time the elevation gained is nearly 400 m; the ascent is through mixed forest on a partly stony path. The tree line is at an altitude of about 1500 m. From there one can easily see Ruy. The last part is the climax of the competion. From the treeless ridge of Ruy a stunning panorama opens up in all directions. The final few hundred metres provide very good overtaking opportunities. The end of the race is at an altitude of 1706 m on Mount Ruy itself. Water will be provided at the finish. There are no fountains, springs or aid stations along the course. The award ceremony is in the village of Zelenigrad. Watch out on the descent back to the village for participants climbing up.

Technical Info

Lenght 4,3 km
Elevation gain + 930 m
Altitude at start location 800 m – village of Zelenigrad
Altitude at the finish 1706 m – Mount Ruy
Aid station Only at the finish on Mount Ruy will water and an energy bar be provided
Time limit 2,30 hours
Start, 42°50’12.2″N 22°33’41.5″E 19.10.2024 / 10:30 am


Course profile

GPS track

Click here to download a GPS track of Vertical Ruy

Insurance and first aid

Vertical Ruy takes place in a border area. The organizer is obliged to provide the Ministry of Interior – General Directorate of Border Police with a list of competitors’ names a few days before the competition.

An insurance will be issued for each participant. This is a mandatory condition for participation in Vertical Ruy. The protocol for issuing such an insurance requires the provision of three names. These details are to be filled in the online based registration form.

Corresponding with the nature of the course, medical service is limited to the participants. A basic first aid kit is available at the start and finish. At the finish and at one point along the course there are members of the Academy First Aid who are qualified to administer first aid.

Mandatory and recommended equipment

The organizer advises participants to check both the weather forecast for the town of Tran and the forecast for Ruy the day before the race. 

Mandatory equipment:

  • Running bib with a timing chip;
  • ID card;
  • Insurance (issued by the organizer).

Recommended equipment:

  • Mobile phone (with fully-loaded battery);
  • Small backpack (there is water and food only at the final!); 
  • A water bottle or foldable water glass (there is no water on the course! The organizer does not distribute drinking cups);
  • Provisions (there is no food on the course! The organizer gives away an energy bar at the finish line on Ruy to every participant who finishes);
  • Jacket (according to the forecast);
  • Poles. 

Changes to both equipment lists are possible. Expect detailed information in the days before the race!

Who are we?

Vertical Ruy is organized by the Tran Tourist Association with the support of Tran Municipality and many friends. The Tran Tourist Association is also the organizer of Tran Ultra Run – the first mountain running competion in region of Kraishte.