Tran Ultra Run

Welcome to the second edition of Tran Ultra Run!

The mountain running competition Tran Ultra Run will be held near the town of Tran. The courses are situated in the heart of Kraishte region – one of the most picturesque and clean areas in Bulgaria. In 2022, nearly 250 competitors discovered the charm of the mountains and valleys of Tran and challenged the strength of their spirit.

Come on May 13, 2023 in Tran in Western Bulgaria and enjoy the pleasure of running through open and scenic areas, on soft paths and rocky sections, on steep slopes and through gentle woodland areas, in wild valleys and near quiet villages. The culmination of the competition is the ascent of a series of panoramic peaks.

In 2023 the courses will be four!




The start/finish location is Velinovo village, Tran region (approx. 85 km west of Sofia, Bulgaria).


Running to the top, 8 km; 560 D+;
Two Peaks, 13 km; 950 D+;
Four Peaks Trail, 24 km; 1650 D+;
Ten Peaks Ultra, 54 km; 3400 D+.

Who are we?

Tran Ultra Run is organized by the Tran Tourist Association with the support of Tran Municipality and many friends.