Tran Ultra Run will be held on 11.05.2024 in the Tran region (approx. 85 km west of Sofia, Bulgaria).


In brief

The shortest course – Running to the top – covers parts of the Paramunska mountains. The next course – Two Peaks – covers sections of Ezdimirska and Paramunska mountains. The Four Peaks Trail includes parts of the latter two mountains, and also Lyubash. The longest course – Ten Peaks Ultra – passes through four mountain ranges: Ezdimirska, Paramunska, Lyubash and Erulska mountains.

Course KM Elevation gain Start Time limit
Running to the top 8 560 D+ 10:00 3 hours
Two Peaks 13 950 D+ 09:30 6 hours
Four Peaks Trail 24 1650 D+ 09:30 8:30 hours
Ten Peaks Ultra 54 3400 D+ 08:00 13 hours

Map of all courses

Start / finish location

The start/finish location is at the center of Velinovo village, near the town of Tran in Bulgaria.

The four courses are round and all competitors start and finish at the center of Velinovo village.

Competitors who finish after the allotted control time (the time limit) for a given course will be marked with a DNF code in the final results.

Competitors who do not cover the two cut-offs on the course Ten Peaks Ultra will also be marked with a DNF code in the final standings.


The competition will be held in the physiographic area of ​​Kraishte, which is characterized by diverse terrain and a huge concentration of mountains. Here is an example: the long course (Ten Peaks Ultra) leads to the highest peaks of four Bulgarian mountains: Ezdimirska (Golemi Vrah, 1219 m), Paramunska (Peak Strazha, 1389 m), Lyubash (Peak Lyubash, 1399 m) and Erulska (Golemi Vrah, 1481 m).

The terrain is a perfect mix of soft paths and rocky sections, steep slopes and gentle woodland areas, open and panoramic areas and wild valleys. And many peaks! The karst relief is typical. Most of the slopes of the mountains are exposed and limestone rocks emerge on the surface. Tran Ultra Run is located in the almost waterless part of Kraishte. There are no fountains or springs on the courses. Water will be provided at all aid stations.

Safety first

The preparation of the courses of Tran Ultra Run is a process that never stops. The members of the Tran Tourist Association – organizer of the race – constantly maintain the routes in the mountains near Tran. All courses will be marked with a special mark for the race. We will inform you about it at a later stage.

Aid stations

There will be aid stations at certain points along the courses. The participants will receive water and food. Apart from that, the organizing team will be deployed at key hubs to help in case of an emergency. You will find the locations of the aid stations in the detailed information for each course. Competitors should note that drinking cups are not distributed at the aid stations.


Every competitor will receive insurance. This is a mandatory condition for participation in Tran Ultra Run. To conclude such insurance, the participant needs to provide their names and date of birth. This personal data needs to be filled in the online registration form. Registrations take place here.

First aid

There will be first aid teams at designated points along with the courses, and there will be an ambulance and a doctor at the start/finish location. A first aid kit will be available at each aid station.

GPS track

We recommend downloading the GPS tracks (.gpx format). You will find them in the detailed information for each course. The exact tracks will be uploaded on this site no later than May 1, 2024. The ones, published on the site at the moment, are the tracks from the race in 2023. Come for a training in the Tran region! You will just get to know the marvelous mountain area Kraishte.

Mandatory equipment

• Backpack (only for competitors on courses 24 km and 54 km);
• Mobile phone (with fully-loaded battery and switched on at all times);
• ID card;
• Insurance (issued by the organizers);
• Sun cap;
• Whistle (only for competitors on course 54 km);
• Emergency provisions (at least one protein bar with approx. 500 calories);
• A water bottle (min. 0.5-liter capacity). Have in mind that drinking cups are distributed neither at the start/finish location nor at any of the aid stations.
• Headlamp (only for competitors on course 54 km).

Recommended equipment

• Trail running shoes;
• Functional running clothes;
• Waterproof jacket;
• Running (walking) poles;
• Sun cream;
• Sunglasses;
• Insect repellent (e.g. against mosquitoes and ticks).

Changes to both equipment lists are possible. Expect detailed information in the days before the race!


Check out the courses of Tran Ultra Run: